For the Love of Flowers

Ann always had a love and reverence for things that grow--particularly flowers. From their sweet scented buds to their delicate petals, Ann learned how to care for these unique gifts of nature and got a job for which she was singularly qualified, in a flower shop of course! Her hobby became her vocation and her calling to share her love of flowers with others.

To reach out to other flower enthusiasts, Ann created a blog to share interesting tips and expert "how to" advice for growing flowers that is useful for experienced gardeners and novices alike. If you've never thought you had a green thumb, don't give up trying to grow a gorgeous flower garden. Ann's blog has all the tips you need to grow and care for a wide variety of beautiful blooms.

So if you're garden is currently bare, don't despair. Take some tips from Ann and grow a lovely flower garden, no matter where you live.